Futures of Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) is a Millennium Nucleus of interdisciplinary research and creation around the cultural, social and environmental implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our objective is to generate frameworks of thought and knowledge from Chile and Latin America on the development and effects of these technologies and contribute to guide the possible scenarios that they open, from the constitution of cultural imaginaries to the impact on public policies.

We seek to create spaces for collaboration, learning and experimentation that bring together critical perspectives from the social sciences, humanities and computer science, and expand empirical research and theoretical reflection, fostering exchanges between local and international communities.

Line 1 ESP
AI, social justice and citizenship

This axis seeks to understand the transformations of AI systems, their impact on everyday life and the implications for the emergence of new forms of digital citizenship.

In this line, we will seek to understand the effect of the use of these technologies in public agencies, studying the challenges for those who manage them, as well as the organizational and decision-making dynamics that lead to the development of public services based on AI. In this context, and from a data justice perspective, we are interested in understanding the emerging needs of the various user and affected groups of people.

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Line 3
AI, experimentation and responsible innovation

Through prototypes and experimental designs, alternatives for implementation and transparency of AI algorithms will be tested in order to analyze the necessary conditions for more inclusive futures in the use and application of these technologies.

The objective is to understand the trust in AI by users, developers, decision makers and affected people in Chile and the region. From this, it seeks to develop evidence-based recommendations for responsible use and experimentation with new systems that contribute to the construction of systems informed by social justice.

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We promote dialogue with the humanities, arts, social sciences, and computer science through the production of alternative, critical and situated practices of young researchers.

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Revista Anfibia | “Ancestral technologies and green algorithm. Erase my data, why not?”

Revista Anfibia | “Ancestral technologies and green algorithm. Erase my data, why not?”

Anfibia FAIR Collaboration

October 25, 2023 By: Marina Otero | Art: Javiera Cisterna Cortés | Source: Anfibia Chile Data, space, storage, emptiness, memories. Information, memories, notes, postcards. The production and storage of digital information reaches an unprecedented volume. The demand for data st...


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