[ Closed ] Call for postdoctoral researcher

[ Closed ] Call for postdoctoral researcher

The Millennium Nucleus Futures of Artificial Intelligence and its social cultural implications in Chile and Latin America (FAIR) project, led by academics Martín Tironi Rodo (Design, UC), Wolfgang Bongers (Arts & Humanities, UC), Claudia López (Computer Science, UTFSM), and Teresa Correa (Communications, UDP), has an open for a postdoctoral research position and is receiving applications.

About the position

Postdoctoral researcher | 1 year full-time | Santiago de Chile | CLP$ 2.000.000 gross per month

Application process

Complete this form until January 4th. You will have to attach a copy of the following documents:

  • doctoral certificate;
  • a research statement that includes your inmmediate and long-term research objectives;
  • updated curriculum;
  • two letters of recommendation.



The candidate is expected to carry out original and relevant research, working with an interdisciplinary approach, extending the collaboration network and interacting with the whole team. The candidate will have to commit to publish the results of his/her research in specialised journals of high academic impact (WOS, Scopus), and to organise outreach activities. It is desirable that the candidate can apply for more national and international research funds.

Public Outreach

The candidate will be expected to develop initiatives that can link his/her work to public and private entities that are relevant to the subjects addressed at FAIR. Creative and curatorial work, as well as participation in biennials and exhibitions, will also be positively valued.

Full-time dedication is required (45 hours per week). It is not necessary to work in person, but it is essential to attend FAIR’s public and group activities.


Applicants must have a doctoral degree in one of the following fields:

  • humanities (desirable fields: philosophy, literature, arts, design, architecture);

  • social sciences (desirable fields: sociology, anthropology, communication); or

  • computer science (desirable fields: human-centred AI, human-computer interaction).

Previous teaching and research experience would be an asset. Published indexed articles is not a requirement, but will be considered in the process.

If selected for the position, candidates applying from abroad must obtain the corresponding visa in their country of residence in order to formally join the team.

Professional knowledge of Spanish and English is required. Applicants must be highly motivated for continuous improvement of their skills and be able to start and maintain an active research programme leading to high quality publications. They will also have to demonstrate proactivity, soft skills and teamwork abilities.

It is desirable that the candidate can align him/herself with one or more of the following ongoing lines of research:

  • AI, social justice and citizenship, bias and transparency;

  • AI, cultural imaginaries, and futures design;

  • AI, experimentation and innovation with a decolonial approach;

  • Material and ecological impact of AI.