Matías Valderrama
Matías Valderrama

Matías Valderrama

Research Assistant /
  • Magíster en Sociología de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


Sociologist and Master in Sociology from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Currently doing his PhD at Warwick University’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies. There he is mapping socio-technical controversies on algorithmic platforms and systems.

He has interests on Digital Culture, Media, Social Movements, Digital Methods, Vigilance Studies, Network Analysis, and Social Theory, among others.




Tironi, M., & Valderrama, M. (2022). Worth-making in a datafied world: Urban cycling, smart urbanism, and technologies of justification in Santiago de Chile. The Information Society, 38(2), 100-116.

Tironi, M., & Valderrama, M. (2021). Microclimates of (in)security in Santiago: Sensors, sensing and sensations. In Klimburg-Witjes, N., Poechhacker, N. & Bowker, G.C. (Eds.) Sensing In/Security: Sensors as Transnational Security Infrastructures (pp. 50-75). Mattering Press.

Baigorrotegui, G., Valderrama, M., & Peña, P. (2021). Online experiments and participation within Chile’s extraordinary constitutional process. Interactions, 28(6), 36-40.

Tironi, M., & Valderrama, M. (2021). Experimenting with the Social life of homes: sensor governmentality and its frictions. Science as Culture, 30(2), 192-215.

Tironi, M., & Valderrama, M. (2021). Descolonizando los sistemas algorítmicos: diseño crítico para la problematización de algoritmos y datos digitales desde el Sur. Palabra Clave, 24(3).