[ Closed ] Call for postdoctoral researchers

[ Closed ] Call for postdoctoral researchers

The project Millennium Nucleus Futures of Artificial Intelligence and its socio cultural implications in Chile and Latin America (FAIR), led by researchers Martín Tironi Rodo (Design, UC), Wolfgang Bongers (Letters, UC), Claudia López (Computer Science, UTFSM) and Teresa Correa (Communications, UDP), is calling for a postdoctoral researcher position.

About the position

Postdoctoral Researcher | 1 year | Full-time | Santiago de Chile | CLP$ 2.000.000 gross monthly salary

Application Process

You must complete this form by January 4. You will be asked to attach the following documents:

copy of your doctorate certificate;
motivation letter, with the short and long term objectives of your research plan;
an updated curriculum vitae; and
two letters of recommendation.



The candidate is expected to carry out original and relevant research, working with an interdisciplinary approach, extending the collaborative network and interacting with the entire Nucleus team. The candidate will be committed to publish the results of his/her research in specialized journals of high academic impact (Wos, Scopus), organize outreach and dissemination activities. It is desirable that the candidate can apply for more national and international research funds.

Linkage with the environment

The candidate is expected to develop initiatives that can link his/her work with public and private entities that